Dog Cupcakes

Grain free dog cakes for your special pup Birthday party! These are normal size cupcakes hand baked and decorated for your puppy party in a 4 pack! All cupcakes come with a candle and a grain free peanut butter bone! 

Our in house dog bakery selection is grain free, Veterinary approved, and recommended.


  • If you're local, you can shop our store and pick up ready made cakes, dog candy, donuts available without ordering in advance. 4 pack cupcakes need to be ordered in advance. 
  • You can order cupcakes online 3-5 business days in advance.
  • Once ordered, your cupcakes will be ready for you by 9am the morning you've chosen for pick up.
  • We only sell cupcakes in 4-packs for your party. 
  • Local pick up during our normal business hours. TUE-SAT 9am-6pm.