bow_wow_dog_bakeryBow Wow Dog Bakery was founded to provide beautiful and delicious dog treats without sacrificing pet health. Our dog bakery collection was created with Veterinary guidance to ensure that our recipes are as healthy as they are beautiful with simple ingredients that are USDA/FDA approved. Dogs bring so much joy to the world; dogs should have their cake and eat it too! 

Founded by Leel Michelle in 2006, Bow Wow Dog Bakery (formerly Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe) is an award winning online and wholesale dog bakery. Bow Wow Dog Bakery is also home to award winning international grooming apparel brand, Retro Stylist Wear. Following a career in womens' fashion corporate retail management and corporate amusement park management, Leel was inspired by her pint size Chihuahua Frida (2003-2016) Standard Poodle Mumsie, and Bichon Sugar to create brands that utilized her skills, creativity, and passion to build memorable businesses catering to dogs. Leel also enjoys giving back to the pet industry with trade show speaking engagements such as SuperZoo, Barkleigh Productions, and Global Pet Expo. Leel contributes to published print and online content to add or improve pet store design, retail merchandising, client experience, and grooming salons. . You can follow Leel Michelle at, “The Art of Pet Retailing for Groomers” and Face Book Group "Pet Boutiques." Leel Michelle loves sharing her passion for pets and the pet industry and looks forward to sharing her passion with you! For consulting please use the form below for more information.