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Dog Teeth Cleaning


Affordable Dog Teeth Cleaning San Diego, CA.

Does your fur-baby need some dental love? Too much tartar build up or bad breath? We have an affordable dog teeth cleaning service available for your fur-baby big or small! All dog teeth cleaning services provided onsite and supervised by a Licensed Veterinarian. (Mandated by the California Veterinarian Medical Board.)

The process for Non-Anesthetic Dog Teeth Cleaning:

Most pets are very cooperative during the non-anesthetic dog teeth cleaning process. All pets are handled gently with care and are treated like our own pets.
Large dogs will lie on the ground comfortably in front of the technician where the mouth can be easily accessed the cleaning. (Small pets, including cats, are gently swaddled in a soft towel for the cleaning procedure.) The technician gently grasps the muzzle and hand-scales the teeth. This is where heavy calculus build up is removed. For pets with areas that require a deeper cleaning or for stubborn tartar, an ultrasonic scaler is used (Only on those pets that can tolerate the noise.) This tools helps to vibrate away tartar while rinsing with water in areas that are difficult to clean with a traditional hand-scale. Once calculus is removed from all surfaces of the teeth, your pet is ready for the final stages of the cleaning. Your pet’s teeth are then polished with a special paste safe for cats and dogs. Finally, your pet will receive an oral rinse (Pet grade for what mouth wash is to humans) to kill off any bacteria remaining along the gum lines.

What’s included with Non-Anesthetic Dog Teeth Cleaning:

  • Oral Examination to determine health, care, and dental condition.
  • Thorough dental scaling and polishing.
  • Any pets that exhibit signs of stress may be given a mild sedative at the recommendation of the Veterinarian with your approval.
  • Tooth extraction available onsite at the recommendation of the Veterinarian with your approval.
  • After care recommendations for optimal health and maintenance.
South Coast Pet Dentals

    About your Non-Anesthetic Pet Dental Providers:

    Dr. Danielle Spade obtained her Bachelors of Science degree from California State University of San Marcos, and went on to graduate from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on the island of St Kitts in 2006.

    Aaron Goulding – Pet Dental Technician. With 6 years of hands on experience in the area of non-anesthetic teeth cleaning Aaron has serviced over thousands of dogs and cats, some of which he still maintains monthly to date without incident. Aaron comes highly recommended by many Veterinarians and Grooming facilities in the Orange, San Diego, San Mateo, and Alameda areas as one of the best!

    For more information on our pet dental service provider and to make an appointment please visit: South Coast Pet Dental

    • Pricing*- Initial – $195
    • Monthly – $60.00 after the initial $195
    • 3 Months – $90.00 after the initial $195
    • 6 Months or greater – $195
    • Veterinarian recommended mild sedative (rarely required) to reduce stress – $25
    • Veterinarian recommended tooth extraction – $25 per tooth

    *Please call to change or cancel your appointment 48hrs prior to your dental appointment to avoid a $30 cancellation fee collected by South Coast Pet Dental.

    Appointments book up quickly & often have a wait list. Our next Non-Anesthesia Pet Dental appointment is:

    Generally 1st Saturday of every month

    Click HERE or one of the photos above to book your dental appointment.