Bath Club Membership | How To
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Bath Club Membership | How To

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Many pet grooming salon owners are often looking for ways to add an additional revenue stream with minimal output for maximum input. You already have the tub, the supplies, the labor (bathers) and the space to implement this new program. You don't have to buy expensive equipment or pay for a mountain of inventory. All you have to do is a little marketing, add a couple of website clicks, get your bather ready, and viola.. you have a new revenue stream! Of course there's a few more points we'll cover to ensure your success. With our "How To"  e-book you'll see how adding this bath club membership is an affordable way to create more income, sell more products, and allow your bath club clients to be your best business cheerleaders! In this 24 page e-book I cover exactly "how to" implement this program into your salon very easily and for very little cost. Below are some topics covered: 

  • What's included & NOT included
  • Pricing your Bath Club Membership
  • Scheduling your Bath Club Membership
  • Marketing your Bath Club Membership
  • How to to get rid of troublemakers and more!

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